The Twelve Commandments of Detoxification

I know, I know, I totally added two commandments!  But, in this context, they're needed!

While our bodies are very resilient and very adaptable, they're also susceptible to toxin overload.  As a colon hydrotherapist and nutritional consultant, I have literally SEEN the effects of misguided nutrition.  So, here is one of the most powerful detoxes I have seen from the Optimum Health Institute


  1.  Have raw foods, unprocessed or dehydrated at 105 F.
  2.  Leave flour, in any form, on the grocery shelves.
  3.  Have only soaked, sprouted grains, seeds, or beans.
  4.  Leave all sugars and honey on the grocery shelves.
  5.  Drink carrot or beet juice mixed with the juices of green vegetables, if you have no       pancreatic involvement.
  6.  Leave the vitamins on the grocery store shelves.
  7.  Use sauerkraut juice and tomatillos in place of vinegar.
  8.  Eat raw foods that contain oils, such as avocados and seeds.
  9.  Leave the commercial condiments on the grocery shelves.
  10.  Use dulse, kelp, and cayenne in place of salt and pepper.
  11.  Leave sweet dehydrated fruits such as raisins, figs, dates, etc. alone as they are acidic rather than alkaline.
  12.  Leave yeast or brewers yeast out of your diet.

Follow these guidelines until thy body hath completely detoxified. 
Then, thou shalt delight in the life which is thy gift in this world.

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Katy Copping

I am an internationally-certified colon hydrotherapist and nutritional consultant. I have received training in the US and Mexico. I received my IACT certificate in the US and am committed to continuing my education by attending workshops on the digestive system.