4 Eco-Friendly Fabrics

It's no surprise that your skin is your largest organ.  Whatever goes on it, goes in it!  So as much as we concern ourselves with our food and drink, we should also concern ourselves with our clothes and cosmetics. 

I love this article I found on the 4 most toxic fabrics and their eco-friendly counterparts. 

Here's a great tip from the article: 

"One of the first ways to determine if a garment is eco-friendly is by touching it and rubbing your fingertips together. If it's made of natural fabrics, you’ll find that a little bit of residue travels from the clothes onto your fingers."

Summed up, look on your clothing label for the following fabrics:

  • Tencel
  • Modal
  • Cupro
  • Organic Cotton

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Katy Copping

I am an internationally-certified colon hydrotherapist and nutritional consultant. I have received training in the US and Mexico. I received my IACT certificate in the US and am committed to continuing my education by attending workshops on the digestive system.