Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Katy Ann Copping

I am an internationally-certified colon hydrotherapist and nutritional consultant. I have received training in the US and Mexico. I received my IACT certificate in the US and am committed to continuing my education by attending workshops on the digestive system. I have to say I gained the most from the teachings and mentoring from excellent phsycians in Cabo San Lucas and Mexico City and the time I spent working with the chronically ill. These healers have also educated me on a personal level, shaped my journey to better health, and given me a deeper an understanding of how our brain and gut are connected on so many levels.


My commitment is largely inspired by the health challenges I, my family and loved ones have experienced. I received my first colon surgery when I was 30 years old (in 1992) and my second colon surgery at the age of 45 (in 2008). The condition was fixed but I was left with several medical and health challenges, one of which is a collapsed pelvic wall that causes chronic pain. Changing my eating habits and lifestyle has made a significant difference in my life combined with colon hydrotherapy. In addition to my own experiences, I watched my father battle colon cancer at a young age. My brother also recently passed away from liver disease and bone cancer. A healthy digestive system could have maybe helped prevent his condition or prevented his illness from progressing. Seeing my loved ones suffer had a great impact on me.


Animal Welfare

I love animals and have spent several years rescuing dogs and volunteering with Cabo San Lucas humane society. I now enjoy helping foster dogs with my mother through Oregon Dog Rescue. I have a therapy dog, Pixie, who is our therapy dachsund. She provides good energy and clients adore her. She spends time at the studio with clients form time to time. If you have allergy concerns let me know in advance and I can be sure she is not visiting during your session.